Dance, Yoga, and Sports
for children ages 1+



Annie Cripe Drennan

Miss Annie is the founder of Creative Learning Atlanta, and has been working with children ages newborn-14 as a nanny, summer camp counselor, preschool teacher, dance, and music instructor for the past 25 years. She began dancing at the age of 4 as a student of the Inland School of Dance in San Bernardino, CA and carried on through college where she studied ballet and jazz with the Agnes Scott College dance department while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. Miss Annie also has a M.S. in Educational Psychology from Georgia State University where she focused her studies on the relationship between education in the arts and whole child development.


Camille Jackson

Camille Jackson received her B.F.A. in Dance from The Ohio State University. Since moving to Atlanta in 2004, she has had the opportunity to work with many wonderful choreographers including Blake Beckham, Lori Teague, Susan Eldridge, Greg Catellier, and Lillian Ransijn, to name a few. She currently teaches creative movement, modern dance, tap, and ballet to children ages 3-12. Additionally, Camille teaches modern technique classes for the teaching staff at Moving in the Spirit and serves as a guest teacher for DENSE Dance Company. In the fall of 2012, she began volunteering with Reforming Arts, a non-profit corporation that provides arts and humanities education to Georgia prisoners, where she leads movement improvisation and choreographic workshops for students at Lee Arrendale State Prison.


Emily Griffin

Miss Emily is originally from Milledgeville, GA, where she started her dance career at the age of six. She studied dance for 12 years at the Studio One School of Dance. Emily has accrued an impressive performance repertoire in competitive dance and musical theater, receiving numerous awards from national dance competitions. Emily's experience choreographing and performing reflects a strong background in contemporary dance as well as well-rounded training in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. Emily has been teaching and choreographing for studios in the greater Atlanta area for three and a half years. In addition to teaching, Emily was a performer with Stella Entertainment, has guest choreographed at Pace Academy, and choreographed for Capital City Opera Company's fall 2014 performance of "The Merry Widow". Emily will be graduating from Georgia State University in May 2015 with degrees in Film and Journalism.


Meg Morrissey

Miss Meg grew up dancing at the Georgia Dance Conservatory in her hometown of Marietta, Georgia. She trained with GDC and performed as a company member of the Ruth Mitchell Dance Theatre for fifteen devoted years. Meg continued her study of ballet, contemporary, jazz, and modern dance at Northwestern University, graduating in June of 2012 with a B.A. in Dance and a B.A. in International Studies. Along with teaching classes and workshops around the greater Atlanta area, Meg has been a company member of Sideways Contemporary Dance Company, Graffiti Dancers, and Fuerta Dance Company. Her choreographic work has been featured by the New Movement Project and Atlanta's Dance Canvas. Meg is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Fuerta Dance Company, as well as the owner and Director of Druid Hills Dance Center. She will be teaching the Ballet/Jazz class.


Vincent 'Walle' Brown

Mr. Walle is an active member of the local Hip-Hop community. Specializing in Breakdance and improvisational 'All-styles' (incorporating several distinctive styles in one performance), he is the leader of the performance group Owl Style Zero and president of the KSU breakdance club where he is pursuing a degree in Integrative Studies. He started breakdancing back in 2009, and has had an informal yet vibrant relationship with dance since elementary school. He began training in front of a kitchen mirror and has gone on to compete locally, regionally, and internationally. Walle has performed professionally in the Atlanta area and has taught 'breakin'/Hip-Hop to a wide variety of students. Walle will be teaching the Hip-Hop class.


Hanna Rose Broom

Miss Hannah-Rose began her yoga teaching journey in 2012 after 2 years of focusing on her own practice. The mindfulness taught in yoga, and the mind/body connection pushed her to share this life changing experience with others. When she began researching the effects of movement on learning, a spark was ignited. The physical postures alone help create flexibility of the mind that aids the processing of information. The breath and attention to detail (the focus) allow us the mental space to live in the present moment and act with purpose towards to world around us, as opposed to simply reacting. It's wonderful that adults are using these tools to harness their mental acuity, but why not children? If we can teach our children these tools now, we can help shape the way they will act in the face stress, conflict, and struggle. Hannah-Rose has worked with students ranging from 3 - adults. While she focuses her classes around alignment and typical yoga practice, she also invites laughter and playfulness into the room. Her goal when teaching children is to help them develop a strong vocabulary around words that help express their thoughts and emotion, help them build strength, and help them ground in order to focus. Yoga is a playground for self-expression!

Class Information

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All CLA classes are created and taught with the age, interests, and capabilities of each particular group of children in mind. Our goal is to provide children of all abilities with an exciting way to explore and appreciate their creative potential. Through dance, yoga, and sports we aim to lay a strong foundation of appreciation for performing arts and athletics. Simultaneously, our classes encourage children to grow strong physically and emotionally, cultivating self-esteem and confidence.

Pre-Ballet This class is designed to introduce the very basics of ballet to children in a creative, relaxed environment. Class will consist of a brief warm up period, followed by a creative movement/pre-ballet session that will include very basic ballet, scarf, beanbag, and parachute play

Ballet As children progress from pre-ballet to a more focused ballet class, they will increase terminology and begin to count music. Barre and center work as well as movements and combinations across the floor will be introduced as appropriate.

Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop/Modern Each of these classes can be taught in combination with ballet or on their own. As always, classes will be taught in an age appropriate manner and with the skill level of each group of children in mind.

Movement and Yoga The first half of this class will serve as an opportunity to release pent up energy in a constructive, creative manner through a variety of movement songs. In the second half of class, traditional yoga techniques are presented in a playful, simple and fun way. Each pose becomes a springboard for activities that open the doorway to active imagination.

Fun With Sports this class serves as a fun introduction to many childhood sports including baseball, soccer, football, and kickball, among others. Each week will focus on a different sport. Essential skills and rules will be introduced through fun games and activities.